Risk more than others think is safe,

Care more than others think is wise,

Dream more than others think is practical,

Expect more than others think is possible. 

-Claude Bissell


At Community Gearbox, we know the climate crisis and excessive consumerism are intertwined. Because of that we’re using this business, our voice and our community to disrupt this root issue – consumption. 

Our offering is a niche social platform for friends, family, and colleagues to share and distribute the things they have with the people they love. 

Through this simple act we collectively reduce our carbon footprint, exit wasteful patterns of individual consumerism, and strengthen our relationships. 

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Why Share?

According to various studies, you probably spend between $697 and $1,497 on nonessentials every month. Impulsive purchases of electronics, clothing, and entertainment. These purchases add up, not only decreasing your savings, but increasing your carbon footprint and the mountain of trash each of us will produce in our lifetimes.

Which is why we are providing an alternative. We created a platform that removes the uncertainty, back and forth, and friction that typically erodes trust while sharing, thus providing a circular economy approach that can more than double your access to goods and resources while strengthening relations.

In our first protoype, users pooled together an astounding amount of stuff – over $100k worth. For these friends, this meant beach trips with wetsuits and tools for tidepooling, road trips with fancy camera equipment, and more. All without having to individually store, take care of, or let alone spend money on those items.

With Community Gearbox you’ll never lose track of another item again.

We’re not a rental shop. We’re not Craigslist. We’re a niche social platform to help your friends and family consume less and do more together.

our mission

1. To systematically decrease individual consumption, global waste and mitigate climate change

2. To help individuals spur deeper relationships with friends through projects and adventures, while concurrently building wealth and abundance together

leadership team

Co-founder & ceo

dante garcia

Dante Garcia has ten years of visual design, organizing and strategy experience. In 2015 he co-founded Story 2 Designs, a POC led, worker-owned design cooperative dedicated to supporting progressive projects and organizations. He holds a B.A. in political economy from Evergreen State College. 

Co-founder & vp sales

michael barker

Michael Barker has been in the outdoor industry and the fintech space for the last ten years between Insight Climbing & Fitness and PitchBook Data, respectively. He holds a B.A. in Psychology, cum laude, from Whitman College and a certificate in general management from Stanford GSB.

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how to get on?

On your mobile phone go to: app.communitygearbox.com

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Or on your mobile phone go to: app.communitygearbox.com

You can save the app to your phone by following these instructions.

Let's do something different

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