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Typical friend groups own $20-40k worth of stuff sitting idly around the house.


Often, a friend in that group needs something, but doesn't know it already exists in their community. So they buy a new one.


Sharing and
co-ownership solves that problem, reducing waste, helping your friends, and saving money.

how it works

start something

Launch or join A 'Community' With Your Friends

Reach out to people you would like to build a ‘community’ with and find out what kind of things and skills they’d like to share and receive — then create a group for that community in the app.

share things

Link together what you own

Easily add things. Let your friends borrow your favorite book, that GoPro you seldomly use and more. You’ll always know where things are. And friends receive reminders to return things. So a month from now those same items will make it back in the same condition they were shared.

Plan Incredible Experiences

Assemble collections for projects & Activities

Assemble custom kits for things like surf trips, vacation getaways, a bike repair shop and more. Post a project you are working on plus the things you need to make it happen. Coordinate a large winter excursion, and manage all the gear. Offer up some skills that you know others might be seeking. Let the projects begin!

easily discover catalog track share request distribute any item


discover catalog track share request distribute

any item

never lose
an item again

Share more items as you'll always know where they are.

track item
wear & tear

A built in system tracks wear and helps take care of things being shared.

organize things
into kits & collections

Gather items into convenient collections so friends can find them.

set simple sharing agreements & parameters

No more awkward moments about getting something back or repaired/replaced.

our hypothesis

the average group of millennial friends have a surprising amount of things to share with each other – somewhere between $20k to $40K worth between them.

Why share with friends?

A Real Sense Of Abundance

We’re building a platform to spur deeper relationships. Where friends can share abundance and build wealth together. With today’s technology and social platform structures, just beneath the surface is a huge opportunity!

Who can use community Gearbox?

& Family

Outdoor Groups

Housemates & Next Door Neighbors

Hobby & Game Clubs

Organized Communities

Youth & Student Clubs

Collectives & Nonprofits

Cooperatives & Small Businesses

Farm &
Land Projects

Disaster Preparedness Groups

…and more!

Let's do something different

Join the movement

Start sharing and pooling resources today.

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*low processing power phones have long load times

how to get on?

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Let's do something different

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