Forward-able Email: Introducing Community Gearbox

If you’d like to send an invitation to anyone about Community Gearbox feel free to copy the text below and send it off:

Hey Friends & Supporters,

As part of our public beta release please forward this email to anyone you think could benefit from Community Gearbox! 

? Hey,

Your friend thought you’d be a great fit for Community Gearbox, and we absolutely LOVE that you might become part of our Community!

Our mission is to help grow the world’s largest network of shared items. 

With Community Gearbox you can buy less, save money, and strengthen relationships.

Our app facilitates the sharing, mobilization, and co-ownership of items –specifically– amongst people who know and trust each other.

Together, we can strengthen communities and disrupt individual consumption. 

Groups are currently testing Community Gearbox for: 

? disaster prep, 

? land projects, 

? friends, 

⛪ churches,

⛰️ outdoor clubs,

? parents,

✊ organizing projects,

and more. 

**Our initial 70 users, since December, added over 800 items and are checking out and lending things daily. 

Now we’ve released a public beta and you are invited!

If you are someone who is OR you know someone who might be interested in using Community Gearbox…

You can jump on the app by scanning this code

Or visit to learn more. 

Dante and Michael

Let's do something different

Join the movement

Start sharing and pooling resources today.

Let's do something different

Join the movement

We are currently invite only. But sign up to our waitlist to join the next round of early access!

*If you know someone already on the app they can invite you via email.

welcome to the public beta

let's get you started!

We love that you want to join our community! 

To enhance your experience and help others: 

  1. Please report bugs and provide feedback
  2. Use the app on a newer mobile phone*
  3. “Save” the app to your iPhone using Safari
*low processing power phones have long load times

how to get on?

On your mobile phone go to:

You can save the app to your phone by following these instructions.

scan the code!

Or on your mobile phone go to:

You can save the app to your phone by following these instructions.