Call for Early Adopters

The Opportunity

As we’re building out the ecosystem of the app we’re experimenting with different ways of bringing more things and communities on to the app. With that we’re seeking a few brave individuals OR organizations like yourself, that would be interested in making visible the amount of material abundance you have with the people around you.

We’re talking about individuals or groups who have a bunch of stuff that they wished others were using. 

Inspired by Queer Eye and the decluttering and home making people have been doing/dreaming of doing during the pandemic – we’d like to help! 

You might be a member-based organization, a person looking to share a bunch of tools and toys, or just someone who likes to coordinate trips and get people outside. Or even simply someone with a garage full of stuff that you don’t know what to do with…

Regardless, we’re looking for 4-5 groups or individuals that would be up for trying this out.

#MutualAid #PayItForward #CircularEconomy

How it works

Its pretty simple, Michael and I will come over for a day to process, clean, maybe do a little repair, and catalog items – taking pictures, adding product information, etc. – so that they can be on the app and shareable to anyone you’d like.

Other things that you want to get out of your home we can help rehouse, move to Buy Nothing or other like kind projects, or even sell if you’re interested.

?Participants will receive:

  • A year subscription to our early stage co-op membership program and benefits 
  • A shareable collection of items that you and your friends can access. A fully-loaded Community Gearbox profile – full of things that you can share/offer to the people and community around you.
  • A decluttered space, and a clear stock of what you have and the condition things are in. 
  • An orientation session for you and your community as well as some support to get it up and running.
  • And snacks … snacks will be provided day-of

? We’re looking for folks who are: 

  • Up for spending 2 to 6 hours working on this on a single day
  • Cool with us documenting the process/transformation
    • Being featured in some of our future communications
  • Have stuff that they would like to share with their friends / members / community
  • Game to provide us with feedback and insight on the experience
  • Living in the Bay Area or PNW (Bellingham to Portland)

Think you might be a good fit?

Let's do something different

Join the movement

Start sharing and pooling resources today.

Let's do something different

Join the movement

We are currently invite only. But sign up to our waitlist to join the next round of early access!

*If you know someone already on the app they can invite you via email.

welcome to the public beta

let's get you started!

We love that you want to join our community! 

To enhance your experience and help others: 

  1. Please report bugs and provide feedback
  2. Use the app on a newer mobile phone*
  3. “Save” the app to your iPhone using Safari
*low processing power phones have long load times

how to get on?

On your mobile phone go to:

You can save the app to your phone by following these instructions.

scan the code!

Or on your mobile phone go to:

You can save the app to your phone by following these instructions.