College Students and Community Gearbox

You’re a college student, maybe going to a local state school, or maybe you traveled across the country to attend some private school. In either case, you aspire to make lifelong friends, learn new skills, and ultimately land a high paying job after college. But college isn’t cheap. And for four years, you might be […]

Calling All Outdoor Enthusiasts

You’re in love with the outdoors. We get it. We are too! While we founded Community Gearbox with the intention of disrupting individual consumption in multiple industries, we want to shatter the overt consumerism and high cost of entry to recreate in the outdoors. Particularly for minority and BIPOC individuals. Do you have a lot of […]

CGB for Downtown Associations & Nonprofits

You’re the executive or program director of a local downtown association or small economic development agency (EDA), and you have an overarching goal of building a strong community of local businesses, nonprofits and municipal organizations. You signed up for the job because you fundamentally want to impact your local community.  And you’re about to unleash […]

Churches Love Community Gearbox

You’re the executive director of a church or other member-driven organization who took the job because you want to have an impact. Little did you know congregations and other member-driven organizations are the ideal infrastructure for the Community Gearbox Platform.  Whether use cases include sharing Church or organization resources with members, members sharing with each […]